Worn out

So tired. So grateful for two hours of Godly conversation with Sarah as she did my hair. Thank you, Lord, too, for my new Christian Counselor, Abbe.


Puerto Rico

Our Hope Group helped get 20 Large boxes of food and necessities to A church member’s family in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The mother of our church member commented on a post made by our church and I waited to see if someone in leadership at church would comment. Finally, I decided to comment back to the mother and at least let her know she was heard. This brings up concerns to me for our church, but I am going to pray about it more…

In love, a throne

Thank you, Father God, for putting the right words on my tongue this morning when I took my son to school. My disappointment in his behavior is deep and concern for his “training” far deeper. Thank you for my husband, who balances my edges in your ways. Please remind me daily that you did, in fact, establish your throne in love. Given the hard moments with the father of my children, I so needed the reminder that “judging seeking justice” is not a sin. I love you.