Satan’s Contracts

Watched Miles McPherson with the kids and Mark yesterday. It’s clearly the message I have needed repeated. God used it to give me the right words with Morgan after her solo experience yesterday. Today, I am hearing it every time I check to see how Mark’s investments are performing. The Word tells us there will be one currency in Revelation and I trust the actions taken will be blessed.

Lord, keep me close.

Help me be pure. I love you. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Humiliated much?

Surely, the spirit in my heart has been one of humiliation, fear and anger. Miles McPherson showed some of that to me yesterday morning while Mark and I watched two of his sermons dealing with contracts made with Satan. My authority is in Jesus and God. I aim to work every day to tear up any hidden agreements made with Satan. I will seek harder only the voice of God to direct my life and the power Jesus has in my life.


On Marks Birthday, Aug 19, Blake drove out to his dads new house. About three weeks ago, he took Blake to dinner at Famous Dave’s. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, he took Blake to Jersey Mike’s and a movie. Tonight, he took Morgan to Minami. Our place, at her request. He has refused to pay for any expenses for over seven months and lied about me, constantly. I am beyond hurt that court won’t resolve this until late May.

Father God, please guide my heart and spirit to be anchored in your truth so the lies of our enemy can not find fertile ground. In Jesus’ name, I pray.