Unclean Hands

Yesterday, I received a counter-motion from the Father of my children. His lies were so pervasive and bold in the same breath. In the documents, he accuses me of unclean hands. I was livid. Today, I responded with clarity to my Attorney. I must give it over to God and to the attorneys. I can not negotiate with a man who is such a manipulating liar. I also found the woman he moved in to his home was married at the time all of the drama was u folding over the summer. In fact, her husband filed in June.

Tonight, I flipped before coming to bed. Of all the passages…thank you, Lord, for reminding me how you view unclean hands. May the words which come from my lips honor you.


Still Wooing Me

img_3221It’s been a chaotic week, to say the least.  My daughter was at doctor appointments all day Tuesday and I was at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital with Casey yesterday.

The truth is i I have felt disconnected a bit.  I know God is with me, certainly for me.  perhaps  where I am is just a place of emotional and spiritual exhaustion.    I love you, Lord.  Please help me get back to you.  I muttered something similar on the drive home last night and this morning, He is wooing.

Oh my. My app was locked from getting a new phone and I posted from the website. I just went to download the app to this phone and..,